Picture of stained glass windows in front of church

Did You Know?

Picture of smiling Father Damian Our current pastor, Father Damian Young-Sam-You, is the 13th pastor of St. Monica's Parish.

Father Damian started his ministry in our parish on Dec. 1, 2013.

Here is a list of pastors who have served our parish community.

Drawing of the 1907 church building

The current church was built in 1959, but the original church, built in 1906, stood where the current parking lot is.

Read more about our parish history here.  


St. Monica's Parish celebrated its 117th anniversary on August 27, 2023.

Picture of parishioners in front of the altar after the 5 pm Mass on Aug. 26, 2023

This picture was taken after the 5 pm Saturday vigil Mass.

Picture of parishioners in front of the altar after the 9 am Mass on Aug. 27, 2023

This picture was taken after the 9 am Sunday Mass.

Picture of parishioners in front of altar after the 11 am Mass on Aug. 27, 2023

This picture was taken after the 11 am Sunday Mass.


Stained glass window in sacristy showing image of St. Monica

There are six stained glass windows in the sacristy showing images of different saints, including St. Monica.

Here are the images of the six stained glass windows.

"Blessings" in black script against white background

Our parish celebrates Baptism and Wedding Anniversaries every last Sunday of the month!

Plan to attend our Sunday Mass so you can receive your anniversary blessing.


B&W picture of St. Monica School in 1981

In 1916, parishioners of St. Monica's Parish approached the School Board asking for a school to be built close to the church.

A temporary structure was built and two nuns became the first teachers of St. Monica School.

A permanent building was constructed on the current site in 1925, with additions in 1955, 1963, and 1966.

Picture of  tulips in foreground and church front in background

St. Monica's Parish is blessed with a dedicated group of garden volunteers who work tirelessly in the Spring and Fall to maintain the parish gardens.

Their selfless work saves the parish landscaping costs. View this year's garden images here.

If you would like to serve the parish through this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Picture of Chi Rho symbol above the tabernacle

The symbol above the tabernacle is called the Chi Rho symbol.

It is a Christian symbol for "Christ" written by superimposing the two Greek letters 'Chi (X)' and 'Rho (P)',

which are the first two letters in Greek of the name of "CHRist".

Learn more about the Chi Rho symbol here.

Picture of the baptism register cover of St. Monica's Parish

The first baptism recorded in our parish register was held on March 3, 1907.

Baptisms are held every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 1:30 pm.

Learn about our baptismal preparation process here.

Picture of angel statue placed by the CWL in the parish garden

There are 11 angel figures inside and outside our church.

We encourage you to find them the next time you come to church!

Stained glass of St. Monica

The ELIM Prayer Ministry prays for your prayer requests.

Submit your prayer requests here.