Black-and-white picture of the original altar

Our History

Established at the dawn of a new century, St. Monica's Parish has been a stable and constant spiritual resource for parishioners amidst the many changes throughout its history of almost 120 years.



Drawing of the 1907 church building
The Original Church
St. Monica's Parish occupies a unique place in the history of the City of Toronto and in the life of the Church.  It was established in 1906 through the generosity of Mr. Eugene O'Keefe.  The name "Saint Monica" was given in honour of Eugene O'Keefe's wife, Helen, who had a great devotion and admiration for St. Monica.  It was to be built in Eglinton, Ontario, in the "far northern suburbs" of Toronto, and was to serve the needs of all Catholics living north of St. Clair Avenue.
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Map of Eglinton area in 1909
Mother Church of Mid-Toronto
St. Monica's Parish is the "Mother Church" of mid-Toronto --- Mother Church of the parishes of Our Lady Perpetual Help, Blessed Sacrament, St. Anselm's, and Our Lady of the Assumption.
The Church Rebuilt in 1959
The present Church was erected in 1959 and is a modified cruciform design.  The interior of the Church has undergone several renovations since then.
Drawing of the 1959 proposed church building