Collage of closeup shots of tabernacle door, holy water container, stained glass window

Church Schedule

** Broadway Ave. is one-way westbound. Both parking lot gates are open for Sunday Masses; only the Exit gate is open for weekday Masses.

For January 2 - 7, 2024

Weekday Masses

Jan. 2, Tuesday, No Confession, 8:00 am Mass

Jan. 3, Wednesday, No Confession, 12:10 pm Mass

Jan. 4, Thursday, No Confession, 8:00 am Mass

Jan. 5, Friday, No Confession, 12:10 pm Mass; First Friday Adoration cancelled

Jan. 6, Saturday, No Confession, 10:00 am Mass

Sunday Masses

Saturday - Confessions from 4 pm to 4:40 pm, Mass at 5:00 pm

Sunday - 9 AM, 11 AM


Masks are optional but highly recommended.

Please review our safety protocols before coming to church.