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Initial Offering donation envelope
Donation Envelopes
You can use the donation envelope boxes provided for your cash and cheque donations. Kindly use the same donation envelope number for all your donations for the year. If you are not able to drop your donation envelope in the collection basket, you can drop the envelope through the mail slot of the parish office door. Cheque donations made payable to St. Monica's Parish can also be mailed to St. Monica's Parish, 44 Broadway Ave., Toronto, ON M4P 1T4.
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Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG)
To assist parishioners, the Archdiocese of Toronto has set up a Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) program, where the total monthly authorized donations are automatically withdrawn on the 20th of each month. This allows parishioners to make consistent, regular donations especially when they are not able to give their donations in person. The PAG registration form is available by clicking on the button below.
PAG Registration Form
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Credit & Debit Card Donations
Donations can be made through the Archdiocese of Toronto website. Please select "Toronto East - St. Monica's Parish" after clicking the button below.
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Support the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
We are all volunteers with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Registered Charitable # 13241-0671-RR0044) and parishioners of St. Monica's Parish.  We live in the community and are funded solely by parishioners of St. Monica's Parish.  We are not a government agency and do not receive any government funding for what we do. Your generous donation will help the vulnerable and shut-ins within the St. Monica's Parish community of any denomination. To donate via Interact e-Transfer, send donation to You can also mail a cheque payable to Society Saint Vincent de Paul, St. Monica's Conference c/o Bob McCormick, Treasurer (416-425-8610) --- 900 Mount Pleasant Road, Suite 623, Toronto, ON  M4P 3J9. ‚Äč*Receipts will be provided for donations of $25 or more.